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About Dr. Katie Baker:Dr. Katie Baker


A native of the Seattle area and mother of one, Dr. Katie enjoys spending her free time with family and friends, sailing, quilting, volunteering, and cooking. With more than 20 years of experience working with children and families, she is truly an expert in family dynamics and applies this knowledge to helping families find treatments that fit their lifestyle. Dr. Katie is a frequent speaker for local parenting groups on topics such as food introduction, allergies, and pediatric illnesses. She is currently working on a cookbook for children and families.

Dr. Katie has been fortunate enough to study overseas in Italy (herbal medicine), Russia (hydrotherapy and physical medicine), and Bolivia (pediatrics) during the course of her naturopathic training. She uses a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on lifestyle and dietary changes and any necessary interventions for acute illnesses. In addition to degree in naturopathic medicine, she is also a licensed massage therapist. While at Bastyr University, Dr. Katie completed advanced training in craniosacral therapy, soft tissue assessment (for sports and motor vehicle accident-related injuries) and pediatric care as well as botanical medicine, diet and nutrient therapy, and physical medicine. Prior to enrolling at Bastyr University, Dr. Katie worked in education and social work and earned an undergraduate degree from Washington State University in Human Development, with a focus on early child development, minoring in psychology. 



At Stone Turtle Health, we believe in the healing power of human connections. Our commitment is to the health of our community through individualized patient care and preventive medicine.


Our mission is to provide quality  holisitic primary care medicine to our community at a reasonable cost.