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Welcome to Stone Turtle Health-BIG NEWS! WE'VE MOVED!

  • We've moved! Our brand new office is finally ready-  New clinic hours at North Seattle Natural Medicine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 12-5 pm for fall quarter. You must contact the NSNM clinic directly at 206.629.5180 or to schedule. Currently accepting new patients at North Seattle Natural Medicine.
  • New address: 617 5th Ave S, Edmonds, WA 98020

  •  New 2017 Insurance Plan? Please see our list of in-network plans and call your insurance company to check your benefits. Some Premera Plans no longer cover naturopathic medicine at the primary care rate and your co-pay may be higher. Note that inclusion of your insurance company on our list does not mean that your specific policy will cover naturopathic medicine, only that if it does, we are in-network.


Latest News in Healthy Living:

Singing is good for you! Singing with others is GREAT for you!

Researchers in Sweden released a study in Pediatrics showing a decreased incidence of asthma, hay fever, and eczema in children living in homes where dishes are hand-washed instead of sterilized in the dishwasher. The theory that they speculate may account for this is called "hygiene hypothesis", that early, small exposures to microbes improves the development of the immune system. 


Dr. Baker's article in ParentMap Online "Solid Gold: When and How to Introduce Your Child to Solid Foods" is a great resource for answering questions about readiness for food introduction, food allergies, and safety issues surrounding solid foods. The article arose as a response to common questions asked of Dr. Baker during her PEPS group talks. Please contact us for an appointment if you have any more questions or would like Dr. Baker to speak to your parenting group. 


Young athletes and families! Dr. Baker's new article on Osgood-Schlatter Disease outlines the common conventional and alternative treatments for this sports condition in "Sportin' Life". Read it now to find out what treatment options are supported by research and are available to your family. For questions or to come in for an evaluation, please contact us at 206-355-4309.


We've launched a Pinterest account, complete with tasty recipe and quick fitness tip boards. Everybody tweets, Instagrams, Facebooks, and Tumblrs their favorite foods nowadays. Studies have begun to show that our visual exposure to more food photos has a direct link to our changing eating habits, and that equates to seeing broccoli and eating more broccoli (or chocolate viewed and eaten). Let's see if we can't make a positive change in people's eating habits by showing them amazing-looking, delicious, and healthy food. Follow Me on Pinterest



Compassionate, effective medicine for families

Maybe you're concerned about over-medicating your children. Maybe you're concerned about the amount (and side-effects) of medication you or your parents are taking. At Stone Turtle Health, we provide safe, effective, and financially conscious healthcare for all. Pediatric appointments available in a family setting or individually. Adult patients can come in for medication/supplement reviews to minimize the possibility of drug-herb interactions. Insurance accepted.

We'll get you in within a week and on-time (no long waits) for a 30-60 minute appointment that addresses YOUR health care needs and concerns. Call 206-355-4309 or email us TODAY!

Dr. Baker's Updates

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